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Pearson Point Impressions


The location for these images, Pearson Point, was where we spent most every summer as I was growing up, in the vicinity of the village of Poulsbo where my father grew up and his relatives remained, for the most part. These images were captured much later (1979) after my parents replaced the rustic cabin with a modest, but tasteful home intended to take advantage of the lovely view.


The images are intended as a medley on the beauty of a dwelling in the midst of the PNW forests and fronting the backwaters of the sea, with portions of the images shared amongst each other. In one instance, a portion of the author manages to protrude just a bit.


The images are intended to convey, also, the sharpness of certain images from memory resting in a floating cloud of so much from so many years ago. And the joy of some memories, alongside the pain of others; the softness of some as opposed to the very sharpness of others.


The one human face is that of a friend of mine who was visiting with me at the time. From the several dozen images that I captured that day, I chose to include this one simply as a reminder that there are people involved in this environment.


The 'story' was made as much as a memoir to a place of beauty and growth and the understanding of boundaries, as much as it is intended as a piece of visual art: wood into wood for a place to shelter and celebrate life around the table, itself sheltered in the trees by the sea.



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