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What we found


In 2011 an acquaintance from high school invited me to visit him and his family in Virginia Beach. I have a deep attachment to the ocean and, indeed, had plans to visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the Banks were hit by a terrible storm that knocked out the bridge between the mainland and the first of the islands coming from the north. I decided a little was better than none and took my high school acquaintance up on his invitation. After breakfast the day after my drive down, George and I went to the beach. As we were walking, I noticed this group of children not far from the ocean wash and hoisted my camera as they leaned over what looked like a horseshoe crab, their curiosity peaked. Mother then approached, watching them and smiling. The younger of the two girls then also picks it up, but drops it as they are off down the beach…. Except the older girl seems to have found something new to examine.


It is a simple, “cute vignette” of just 11 images



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