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from the berkeley


i realized that i haven't use this tool in just over a year. with the assistance of my colleague Trevor Irving, i've doing some background work on the website. i have also been writing, several short stories and a three part novel. The first part is complete, except for a final read/edit. i'm already beginning chapter 3 in the second volume.

i have been doing very little new capturing. my photography work has been focused on the website and on working with my existing images. recently, i have been trolling through some of the old originals, locating some real gems. and then i find one that begs for me to work with it in Photoshop, as illustrated with the image i distribu5ted through the rabbit hole the other day.

i am seriously disturbed and worried about the future of this country. military abroad and guns at home. and the country is exploding, just like the cholate factory. And then the leader of the Republican party declares "there's nothing more we can about guns." Why is that statement not an obvious sign of insanity?

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from the berkeley

this is the initial edition of this little blog post, "from the berkeley." the title comes from the building in which i reside, and is visible near the beginning of each of the "Stories." some of you


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