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This is a brief (19) series of images that tell a simple story. Some folks I was friendly with back in the early 1970s owned a farm outside Paris, KY that I visited every so often. On one of these visits in June 1972, I learned that the local veterinarian was visiting to look over the small herd of cattle that were on the farm. I asked if I could watch. “Just stay out of the way.” On site I learned that among the several things to be done, like treating an eye disease, was the castration of the young bulls. This was relayed with a smile. When I inquired further, the response was that they “are really delicious when properly prepared.” I cannot personally attest.


At the time I was using a B&W transparency film that I was developing myself. Whether in the capturing or the developing, the original images were severely over-blown. In bringing them into the digital world I have tried to modify the brightness and I think the images benefit.


“Castration” was originally presented on two slide projectors and included additional images. In bringing the album into the digital world, the series was melded to fit a single image presentation.



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